We will make it easy when you come

This is getting long and heavy, especially for those of you who live in the city. We know it, we look forward to it and we want to make it very easy and pleasant for you.

Full rental houses are the safest spaces where you can go as soon as possible.

Here you can come with your family with the tranquility of being in a town with few people and where you can save yourself the close contact, if you prefer.

We are thinking of making your stay as comfortable as possible, so when you arrive you can find everything ready.

We offer you the following local products to choose:

#joemquedoacasa lot - € 80 (organic meat and sausages)

BBQ set - € 89.90  (organic meat and sausages) 

Cut kilo bread - € 4 / unit

1 batch of Casa Mateu - € 30 (1 goat or sheep soft cheese, 1 tender, 1 cured and a 935ml sheep yogurt)

Meat basket - € 36.50 (lamb, veal and sausage)

Basket 2 - € 62.00 (13 products: cheeses, cold meats, cookies, etc.)

Complete basket - € 130 (25 products: cheeses, cold meats, cookies, wine, etc.)

One week before your arrival, you can make your order and we will make the purchase and collection for you.

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