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grup paleodieta

This summer we had a group that, as the final stage of their experience, chose Casa Massa.

They spent a week in the mountains, making route and sleeping rough every night. Eating in a case that provides the mountains and almost every day with supplies.

The week was very intense, even with some low, if only for a day. The diet was paleodiet or paleolithic diet.

We chose, among other things, because we like to adapt to the needs of each group and also meet new diets. So far we have cooked for coeliacs, vegetarians and vegans, but we had not penetrated us in the paleolithic diet or paleodiet.

Basically avoid all carbohydrates so the body burns fat you have to work. During this week carried the body to an extreme, both physically and psychologically, to make a great debugging and get ready for the whole year.

It was a challenge and all training as the other diets have well classified. This makes but a mixture of the other and as always, be careful with food ‘banned’.

There are supporters and detractors, as in all diets, but it is interesting to know their motivations, scientific and especially to see how the body adapts to extreme explanations situations, responding well. This is done with medical advice and understanding of the body, changing stereotypes and customs that have deeply rooted.

We enjoyed participating in the project and hope to continue to work next summer.

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