Guided tour to Clots de Rialba (Bonaigua)

Why taking a guided tour? If the mountain is always there, if I can leave when I want and I get it with a map …
Yes, it is true, but half. The guides will help you find the best day to go to the site you want, because every place has its season. They advise us the start and they set the pace and the itinerary without loss, so that ensures that we are able to reach destination or they recommend to change the route.
And especially because they show the richness of flora and fauna that alone, we would hardly see.



The trip to Clots de Rialba with Obaga was one example. We went almost without realizing it, and we did a tour in 5 hours with a relative fatigue. The scenery was spectacular and we were discovering that many plants may only knew by name: carnations of sheperd, blueberries, Rhododendrons, Pulsatilla and seedlings carnivorous. It is a corner of pure nature, magnificent. At first we found horses and at the end, as a gift: vultures, deer and chamois!



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