Corporate Social Responsibility


At Casa Massa we are committed to conserving the environment and we recognize our responsability to conserve it.
This is the result of reflection about the current situtation, but we also want it to be a continous improvement, both on our part and on the part of our customers.

Waste manegement and resource saving

  • Rainwater is collected, which can be taken to the toilet tanks
  • Priority use of green cleaning products
  • Priority of the purchase without packaging and, if possible, that they are cardboard, wich allows to use it like fuel, or of glass or tin (no aluminum)
  • Waste management and composting
  • Solar panels for obtaining hot water
  • Photovoltaic panels and batteries

Heritage awareness and conservation

  • Environmental information for the customers so that they can also collaborate
  • Road maintenance and dissemination of the territory
  • Promotion of ecotourism activities

Social and economic development

  • Availability to the demands of customers
  • Customer satisfaction surveys to improve
  • Associations with entities of the territory as vital for sustainable economic development of the area element. We are part of the Association de Cases de turisme rural del Pallars Sobirà and Federació Lleida Rural
  • Purchases to local suppliers
  • Collaboration with local companies in the territory, conducting sustainable activities
  • Members of ethical banking
  • Member of SomEnergia and SomConnexió
  • We collaborate with the project Gratitud to invite our customers to offset their carbon footprint