We open again!

Hello again! This holy week we re-open Casa Massa. We return with changes: we will rent the whole house, not rooms. Some vital changes have led us to live in Sort and we want to continue offering the charms of town of Estac to our customers. We will continue to share our mountain lifestyle, while leaving

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Postcards of our area

Our favourite photographer, Oscar Castelao, is working for weeks walking around the little the villages of Pallars Sobirà and Jussà, taking beautiful pictures. As you know, he loves our environment and nature. This time he has captured the bucolic villages in the format of the old postcards that we bought when we were young. Now that

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Merry Christmas

Guided tour to Clots de Rialba (Bonaigua)

Why taking a guided tour? If the mountain is always there, if I can leave when I want and I get it with a map … Yes, it is true, but half. The guides will help you find the best day to go to the site you want, because every place has its season. They

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Back to the garden

Like every year, we do orchard. It has become a routine in the spring, waiting for May and good weather to plant. It seems to be always the same, but each year is different. We rotate a little vegetables, we shifted the greenhouse vegetables and do some testing with the vegetable that previous year have not worked. In

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