Ramat d'Estac

Savour the weekend!

Casa MateuLo Paller del Coc and Casa Massa offer you a lot of joint activities with accommodation.

The dairy Casa Mateu in Surp conducts guided tours to explain how they do cheese and yogurt from sheep milk.

Lo Paller del coc also in Surp , offers complete rental apartments .

In their dinning area Espai gastronomic you can participate in a workshop based in shepherd cooking: how to make a scalded soup, “trinchat” with “rostas of girella” or lamb stew with mushrooms (minimum 4 people and maximum 10).

There you can also make a craft workshop with wool: learn how to make handmade mattress (minimum 2 people).

In Estac, Casa Massa offers rooms in a shared guest house.

There, you can visit the farms of Casa Ramon and Casa Bernat, to see how the “xisquetes” sheeps live or learn how a flock of sheeps is driven. You can go away with the shepherd accompanying the flock, exploring the environment and having a picnic in the mountains (minimum 2 people).

At night, you can enjoy a spectacular sky without light pollution in the workshop of astronomical observation (minimum 2 people).

Come and taste the flavors of mountain!


Visit to the dairy (1h)

Cooking workshop (4h)

  • Accommodation in Casa Massa 93€
  • Accommodation in Lo Paller 103€

Visit to the flock (3h)


Cisit to the dairy (1h)

Wool workshop (2h)

  • Accommodation in Casa Massa: 74€
  • Accommodation in Lo Paller: 86€

Visit to the flock (3h)

Hiking to a St. Romà or to Mencui


Astronomical workshop (2h)

  • Accommodation in Casa Massa: 63€
  • Accommodation in Lo Paller: 74€

Prices per adult and day (VAT included) | Special prices for children ages 3 to 10

Choose your accommodation and contact us:

Casa Massa

info@casamassa.cat | T. 973 252 433 | 687 502 027 (Núria)

Lo Paller del coc

info@lopallerdelcoc | T. 690 805 296 (Sílvia) | 607 663 351 (Mariano)