It is located in the municipality of Soriguera, on the south slopes of the Serra de la Solana , at 1160 m. An important building is the church of Sant Marcal. There are about 25 houses, all clustered hillside, mainly forming three narrow and irregular streets.


cementiriIn the Plaza Mayor begins a cobbled street that leads to the cemetery, in the lower part of town. There, you can see some of the best views across the valley.

At first, to the right, you pass in front of the old school, which is now used as a social club.

Chapel of Sant Romà

st_romaSituated above the village in the same valley, was reformed in 2012 as it had burned before the war 36. On June 11, it has been recovered the Feast of Sant Romà, people climb into the small chapel and then there is a popular food in the village .

There is a marked route that follows part of the forest path up to the mountain.

Lasted about: 2h 15 min


mencuiThis town is also part of the municipality of Soriguera, located west of Estac, at 1.250m and at the bottom of Barranc de les Basses. From Estac there is a marked a route that climbs gently down the slope, crosses the ravine and finally arrives to Mencui.

Lasted about: 3h