Corporate Social Responsibility

With this document we want to explain our engagement with our stakeholders ( as are our clients, our suppliers or or our surroundings) , through a voluntary implications beyond the current legislation .
This is a result of reflexion and our current situation , but also we aim continuous improvement.

Environmental vector

  • Collecting rainwater, which is driven to the toilet tanks
  • Priority use of green cleaning products
  • Priority purchase without packaging and, whenever possible, they are cardboard, allowing use as fuel, either glass or tin (not aluminum)
  • Waste management and development of composting
  • Solar panels for the production of hot water
  • Environmental information to customers the facility to also work with respect for the environment
  • Road maintenance and dissemination of the territory

Social vector

  • Availability to the demands of customers/li>
  • Surveys of customers satisfaction to improve
  • Associations with entities of the territory as vital for sustainable economic development of the area element. We are part of the Association de cases de turisme rural del Pallars Sobirà
  • Attendance at training continuously
  • Web continuously updated and fast response by email or phone within 24h

Economic vector

  • Purchases from local suppliers
  • Collaboration with ranchers of the people and companies in the territory, conducting sustainable activities
  • Members of ethical banking